The Daily Bible Wrap Up Podcast

I’m in year two of the Bible wrap up podcast, originally titled The Weekly Bible Wrap Up. I moved to the daily format this spring because of reasons I describe in the linked trailer; basically it made sense from practicality and spiritual angles.

In 2020, a few months into the COVID pandemic, I began to write down my thoughts from the daily Bible readings. I had followed a “read the Bible in a year” plan for several years, and this next step helped me to understand and retain more of what I was reading, as well as aiding in applying Biblical principles in today’s world.

In 2022, I thought that perhaps by sharing my notes, I could help others in two ways: first, perhaps my insights could help someone understand and/or follow the books, and second for those trying to read along in a year, it could help them “catch up” if they found themselves falling behind. Many who do start a year Bible reading plan don’t finish because they miss a few days which quickly becomes overwhelming to catch up.

Every year I choose a different plan and translation to follow. This year I am following the Nickey Gumbel Bible in a Year 2023 plan at

I share my insights from my notes on each reading, sometimes connecting to contemporary culture. If I am confused by a section, I am quite transparent about it! My notes help me to understand the Bible, and my hope is perhaps these short daily episodes can help others with their understanding as well.

Daily video episodes drop at 7:15 AM on Twitter @BibleWrapUp and @SecondChancePu1, YouTube at @dailybiblewrapup, and Spotify at Audio versions available on all major podcast platforms (Spotify, iTunes, etc.)

This has been and continues to be a very rewarding experience for me, and my hope is that you find value with it as well.

A Second Chance Publishing, LLC podcast.

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