Leaving Darkness – A Calling

Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 7.13.48 PMToday I completed the revisions to my third novel, Leaving Darkness. The next step is copy editing (hiring someone for that), then on to the publisher. It will be available from Westbow sometime…

This became a long project/process, one that at times has pushed me to the point of obsession. Unlike the previous two novels, which were honestly experiments in learning, Leaving Darkness is without a doubt and by far the most complete, sophisticated, meaningful writing work of my life (to date). I purposefully stretched the boundaries of my comfort zone in order to create a tale of hope.

Reaching down further (and if you’ve read this far, thank you), Leaving Darkness is my response to a calling from God. I was called to write this almost two years ago. It began as a three-sentence outline. Wow – how far it’s come.

Writing Leaving Darkness has influenced my career. I voluntarily left the security of a well-paying job nearly a year ago. Some may question my sanity (that’s okay, I’m kinda used to that). That was also in response to a calling – well, perhaps two. The first, and primary, was that I could do more with my “talents” – not that I was necessarily burying them, but that perhaps I wasn’t using them to give back as best I could. I had no business starting a business, but so far all has been well – in fact, we just signed on a new client this week.

The second reason I left my corporate position was to provide extra time and freedom to write. Now, starting and running a business is a 24x7x365 endeavor – if you don’t love what you do, don’t start a business. That’s not to say it consumes all of my time and efforts. I will say, though, that I may have underestimated just how difficult it has been. Still, I created the world I wanted – needed – to finish Leaving Darkness. I have the flexibility to write when inspiration hits. Plus I’ve gained at least 1.5 hours per day in raw commuting time (even my part-time office is only five minutes from my house).

Unlike my first two novels, which are very complex (but I maintain one day someone will understand the absolute genius of them), Leaving Darkness is a simple tale. It follows one who, well, leaves darkness – the darkness of depression. Perhaps I have committed a basic author mistake – you know the ending from the title (yes, Lowell leaves the darkness). But the story is not that he does, but how he does it – and how it impacts those around him.

I need to be clear though. My purpose for writing Leaving Darkness is not to entertain, although I’m fine if it does. My goal has always been to help those who may be near the decision of choosing a permanent solution to end a temporary problem. Unfortunately, that is all too timely a topic…

So tonight I celebrate a major milestone to a minor project that perhaps might, at some point, help someone lost in the awful cloak of darkness. That was His calling, and Leaving Darkness is my response. Hope and forgiveness are eternal. All we have to do is ask.