Information Security for Small and Midsized Businesses (Author) (2021)

Small and midsized businesses (SMBs) have the same information security concerns and needs as large organizations yet are often hampered by resource limitations. Most large companies have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to lead and manage information security programs, initiatives, and risks. However, the cost of retaining a full-time CISO is often prohibitive for SMBs.

This gap has led to the rise of the virtual CISO, or vCISO role. A vCISO is a part-time consultant that works virtually (remotely) as opposed to in person (which would be more precisely defined as a fractional CISO). Because of the high demand for CISO experience, the virtual nature keeps the cost of engaging a vCISO relatively low.

This guide is the result of discussing those common needs. It is our hope that, by collating and presenting the most significant ones, we can help SMBs begin their journey to a more secure environment. We have strived to present all topics in plain English, focusing more on the business needs, rather than using “Giga-mumbo-jumbo” terminology, to paraphrase an early career mentor of mine. And that is the key, because at the core information security is two things – a business issue, and risk management.


Childhood (Author) (2020)

Everything we are, we learned in childhood.

Katie lived a lonely childhood, her after school time filled with responsibilities to her father and special needs brother. Her chores prevented her from experiencing the carefree life her peers, including Joey, her neighbor and secret crush, lived. She began running to impress Joey, then discovered track as a possible way out of the small town of Nortonville, Tennessee. But as the promise of a college scholarship drew her closer to the escape she had dreamed about since childhood, she wondered why she didn’t feel better. What was missing?

Childhood is the novelette prequel to Fatherhood, a full-length novel about abortion from the father’s point of view (in development 2023). Novelette

Leaving Darkness (Author) (2018)

Faith is a flashlight to lead out of the darkness.

Long-haul truck driver Lowell Ferguson is on the brink of suicide. He is haunted by the guilt of a horrible secret from his senior year of high school. Therapy and antidepressants aren’t able to lift him out of depression. At twenty-eight years old, he believes his life has dissolved into a meaningless annoyance. Only the strong bond with his lone friend-a Chihuahua named Rufus-keeps him from choosing death. But when Lowell learns Rufus may have cancer, he fears there will be no reason left to live if his beloved dog dies.

While awaiting the diagnosis, he comes across a flier for a Christian support group promising hope and freedom. A skeptic and an apatheist, he nonetheless reluctantly decides to join the group. Through this joining, he finds what he has been yearning for-a path toward leaving the darkness of depression. This first step provides Lowell the courage to do what he must to escape his guilt and finally confront his past. Novel


At The Pinnacle (Editor) (2018)

“Go for it, Mom!” With those words of encouragement, Erika Abraham began a long running journey defined by dozens of years; thousands of miles; countless trophies, medals, and other awards; and many, many smiles. Running brought her confidence, led her to the love of her life, and showed her that despite earlier setbacks and pain, the best was yet to come. Her story is about running, laughing, and reaching new heights. Anthology

From the Loft (Author) (2017)

Is there no greater example of leaving one’s comfort zone than a former city dweller learning about horse farm life? From PTOs to round bales to foaling to horse care, one who grew up surrounded by more concrete than greenery often can find surprises and humor when learning about the ways of the agricultural life. From the Loft is a collection of humorous articles describing these struggles and revelations. Anthology


Forgiveness (Author) (2014)

In forgiveness there is peace.

Jake Stockman enjoyed outward success at a young age, but struggled with a decaying soul. After another night seeking escape from his pain, he awakens to a place he thought he had left behind. He vows to use the gift of a second chance to avoid his most egregious mistakes, yet soon discovers control is an illusion, and substituting one form of avoidance for another does not lead to different outcomes. A fateful encounter forces him to confront the bitter truth he struggled to repress. Facing the most important decision of his existence, he chooses . . . and learns God’s plan is often not ours. Novel


Summer’s Drowning (Author) (2013)

This collection of poems tells a story of a relationship between a man and a woman, from introduction and initial friendship, through dating, marriage, separation, loss, and hope for the future. There is always hope.  Poetry