Leaving Darkness (2018)

Long-haul truck driver Lowell Ferguson is on the brink of suicide. He is haunted by the guilt of a horrible secret from his senior year of high school. Therapy and antidepressants aren’t able to lift him out of depression. At twenty-eight years old, he believes his life has dissolved into a meaningless annoyance. Only the strong bond with his lone friend-a Chihuahua named Rufus-keeps him from choosing death. But when Lowell learns Rufus may have cancer, he fears there will be no reason left to live if his beloved dog dies.

While awaiting the diagnosis, he comes across a flier for a Christian support group promising hope and freedom. A skeptic and an apatheist, he nonetheless reluctantly decides to join the group. Through this joining, he finds what he has been yearning for-a path toward leaving the darkness of depression. This first step provides Lowell the courage to do what he must to escape his guilt and finally confront his past. Novel


From the Loft (2017)

Is there no greater example of leaving one’s comfort zone than a former city dweller learning about horse farm life? From PTOs to round bales to foaling to horse care, one who grew up surrounded by more concrete than greenery often can find surprises and humor when learning about the ways of the agricultural life. From the Loft is a collection of humorous articles describing these struggles and revelations. Anthology


Temptations of the Innocent (2016)

Living with physical pain from a near-fatal war wound and the guilt of a tragedy caused by his carelessness, World War II veteran and young seminarian Albert Whelan finds himself increasingly disillusioned by perceived changes in direction of the Roman Catholic Church away from the spiritual and towards the political. His misgivings are a sixth sense he cannot tap into, as he is unaware of his status as a prime target for indoctrination of a Soviet plot to infiltrate the Church from within through seminarian recruitment. However, the agent posing as a priest leading the Soviet subversion effort in New York has a deeper, more sinister motive for maintaining authority over Albert. Consumed with a desire for revenge, he believes Albert may be “The One” bent on destroying him, threatening his eternal existence. The prequel to Forgiveness. Novel


Forgiveness (2014)

In forgiveness there is peace . . .

Jake Stockman enjoyed outward success at a young age, but struggled with a decaying soul. After another night seeking escape from his pain, he awakens to a place he thought he had left behind. He vows to use the gift of a second chance to avoid his most egregious mistakes, yet soon discovers control is an illusion, and substituting one form of avoidance for another does not lead to different outcomes. A fateful encounter forces him to confront the bitter truth he struggled to repress. Facing the most important decision of his existence, he chooses . . . and learns God’s plan is often not ours. Novel


Summer’s Drowning (2013)

 This collection of poems tells a story of a relationship between a man and a woman, from introduction and initial friendship, through dating, marriage, separation, loss, and hope for the future. There is always hope.  Poetry


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