Greg Schaffer, SCP CEO

I am a Christian, husband, father (to rescue dogs), veteran, entrepreneur, and information security executive consultant. I launched Second Chance Publishing in 2013 as my imprint for my self-published works. I am also the producer and host of two podcasts. In 2022, Second Chance Publishing became Second Chance Publishing, LLC.

I wrote my first novel (unpublished) in high school. It sits in some nondescript box in my basement in its original form on various types of ruled paper. Perhaps one day I will resurrect it.

I began work on what would eventually become Forgiveness in 1991 as a method to deal with my divorce. I found myself fantasizing about “what if” scenarios. What if we hadn’t married early? What could I have done differently to prevent the pain I struggled with daily? I needed to live that fantasy, at least through writing. I wrote in the basement wood-paneled bedroom of my post-divorce house I shared with three others, I wrote during lunch at work in my cubicle, and anywhere I could find a few free minutes away from the world.

The positive reactions to Forgiveness urged me to create a prequel focused on one mysterious character. With Temptations of the Innocent, I created such a complicated world comprising of this life and a fictionalized (certainly not Biblically based) version of the afterlife. I didn’t stop there, adding in an antagonist who is pure evil (if not the devil himself) and a Soviet plot to infiltrate the Catholic church. This work is not currently available as I am planning an updated edition.

In January of 2017, I received a God nudge to pick up the pen again. I sketched out a three-act story on a piece of paper that would tell the story of healing through small group ministries. I had at that time been involved with one such ministry for several years and was very passionate about it, having seen firsthand the positive changes this eight-week group had on people willing to change. Leaving Darkness was published in the fall of 2018.

My novel work in progress is Fatherhood, a story about abortion from the father’s point of view. I do not have a completion date as it’s in stalled development as of 2023. It’s prequel novelette, Childhood, was released in 2020.

Over the past ten years, I have learned much in the entrepreneur, self-publishing, and consulting areas. They do not operate in a vacuum, rather those skill sets complement and enhance each other. I have learned how to use these skills the most efficiently to be on target to solve whatever the issue at hand is.

All this to say that we are available to help you if you’re looking for a holistic approach involving entrepreneurship, indie publishing and podcasting, and self-brand marketing. Contact us at info@secondchancebook.org or (615) 807-0578.

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