About SCP

Greg Schaffer, SCP CEO

I launched Second Chance Publishing in 2013 as my imprint for my self-published works. I am also the producer and host of the Virtual CISO Moment podcast, launched in 2019 to provide small and midsized businesses (SMB) with timely, useful information security information. Additionally, I am the founding principal of vCISO Services, LLC, a virtual Chief Information Security Officer and information security risk management consulting company in 2017, and I offer high-level, specialized executive information security consulting on an individual basis.

Over the past ten years, I have learned much in the entrepreneur, self-publishing, and consulting areas. They do not operate in a vacuum, rather those skill sets complement and enhance each other. I have learned how to use these skills the most efficiently to be on target to solve whatever the issue at hand is.

All this to say that we are available to help you if you’re looking for a holistic approach involving entrepreneurship, consulting, indie publishing and podcasting, and self-brand marketing. Contact us at info@secondchancebook.org or 615 807-0578.