The Virtual CISO Moment (Host, Producer) (2019)

Stories of information security, information technology, and risk management pros; what drives them and what makes them successful while helping small and midsized business (SMB) security needs. No frills, no glamour, no transparent whiteboard text, no complex graphics, and no script – just honest discussion of SMB information security risk issues. Quick strike and wrap up audio-only episodes drop Mondays and Fridays; Throwback Thursday episodes are repeats. email greg.schaffer@secondchancebook.org. Twitter – @virtualCISO1

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The Weekly Bible Wrap Up (Host, Producer) (2022)

A summary and commentary of the week’s daily Bible readings from a fellow Christ-follower learning along the way, following the reading plan at wochurch.org/bible-reading-plan/. I share my insights from my notes on each reading, sometimes connecting to contemporary culture. If I am confused by a section, I am quite transparent about it! My notes help me to understand the Bible, and my hope is perhaps these short (usually 10-20 minutes) weekly episodes can help others with their understanding as well. Twitter: @BibleWrapUp

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