Thoughts and Prayers

I’ve struggled with the best way to say this. Thoughts and prayers are not a diminutive statement from a Christian. Prayer is the most powerful tool for a Christian, filled with hope. Prayer for healing, prayer for understanding, prayer for peace, prayer for resolution. It is literally invoking God to help humanity deal with a situation. It is not a casual statement of weak acknowledgement and is not an intention to do nothing. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I understand how non Christians may think otherwise, thus I felt compelled to make this statement. It’s a beginning, to invoke the God of Abraham and Moses to help us fight and win battles against evil, to find a way to solutions in time.

As for “thoughts”, I can’t speak for all Christians, but for me it’s a nod of respect to those who don’t share my belief. If you don’t believe in the power of prayer, I want you to know I’m not excluding you.

In both cases, “thoughts and prayers” are the beginning, not the ending, and a foundation to fight evil. It starts there but never ends there. To be anything else is lazy. Anyway, I hope this helps, because I’ve seen too much of “thoughts and prayers” twisted into some position statement that simply isn’t true.

Additionally, we are divided, and taking sides and screaming talking points does nothing to solve problems. What does help solve problems is understanding all. My hope is this little rant helps you understand the Christian perspective. And to my brothers and sisters in Christ, if I have in any way erred in theology please call me out; I always want to know if I’ve made mistakes. Peace to all.