From the Loft Released


January 18, 2017 – Second Chance Publishing announces the release of From the Loft, a compilation of previously published humorous vignettes detailing a man who grew up in a city atmosphere learning about life on a mini-farm with several horses to care for. The tales capture the struggles and triumphs of one who grew up surrounded by more concrete than greenery as he discovers through some trial and much error the joys of mini-farm life, from moving hay to fixing gates to witnessing a the birth of a horse to bush hogging.

While fictional, the writer based many of the articles on his own experiences. “I found some humor in my adjustment to the different agricultural lifestyle,” author Greg Schaffer explained. “When the opportunity arose to write a monthly horse humor column, I could not refuse. What, with so much material to pull from, the columns would almost write themselves.”

Most of the articles are very close to their original content, with minor style adjustments, presented roughly but not exactly in the order in which they originally appeared. Both of these changes help to establish a feel of consistency and continuity when compiled together.

From the Loft is available in eBook and print formats at major online retailers. Interested parties may order a personalized, signed print copy from the Second Chance Publishing website at

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Greg Schaffer has previously published two novels and a collection of poems. He has several projects in the works, including a sequel to Forgiveness and an as-of-yet unnamed novel about finding hope through smothering darkness. Contact Greg at

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