Leaving Darkness - Available Fall 2018

Greg Schaffer

I am a Christian, husband, father (four rescue dogs), former pilot, security executive, founder of an information security company, veteran, runner, cyclist . . . and many other things. I am also a writer. I wrote my first novel while in high school (unpublished). I started my second novel in 1993, finally finishing and indie publishing Forgiveness in 2014. I have since published a second novel, Temptations of the Innocent. My third, Leaving Darkness, will be available Fall 2018. I have also published a collection of horse-humor articles and poems. One of the most meaningful aspects of my writing career was editing and publishing my mother's running memoir, At The Pinnacle. I thoroughly enjoy writing and helping other indie authors #amwriting.

My writing roots

I began writing my first novel in high school just to see if I had the skills and discipline to write a book, finishing it two years later. It has been years since I have dug it out from its home in a file cabinet in my basement, but one day I may just literally dust it off and transfer it from notebook paper to PDF.

My style

I write from the heart, drawing from experiences, but try not to mirror myself in characters (with one exception). I try to tell a story with one or more purposes, lessons we can all benefit from. As my skills matured, I stretched myself, writing about circumstances and situations I have never experienced even indirectly. That I believe is part of the author maturation process.